Apple Montessori Calendar of Kindness

The holidays are a season of giving and kindness, and it’s a wonderful time to show your child how they can spread joy by performing acts of kindness.

_my-new-best-friendWe know it can be difficult for young children to understand an abstract concept like kindness and that’s why we have put together our Calendar of Kindness for the month of December. It suggests ways that our children can practice kindness each and every day through simple, concrete actions, from small ones like giving a hug or lifting someone’s spirits with a holiday song to bigger gestures like making a small donation or doing a chore to give a family member a well-deserved break.

No matter how your family celebrates the holidays, it’s a time for caring and warm feelings. Following our Calendar of Kindness is a fun way to help children get into the spirit of the season. You can download a PDF of the calendar here. Read more

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