Apple Montessori Alumni Christopher Manzo Reads His New Book “Oliver Brightside: You Don’t Want That Penny” to Apple Montessori Students





This summer, we had the privilege of hosting Christopher Manzo, a former Apple Montessori student at our Wayne school location. Chris is known for his reality television fame on Real Housewives of New Jersey, as well as for being a multi-location restaurateur and entrepreneur. Joining Chris was his mother Caroline Manzo, also of Real Housewives of New Jersey fame and Manzo’d with Children. Christopher graciously read his new book: Oliver Brightside: You Don’t Want That Penny with our Apple Montessori School community.

Upon finding a heads up penny, Oliver Brightside is certain his day will be filled with luck and adventure. Toward the end of the story he learns that the greatest adventure of all comes from something that can’t be bought: friendship.

This story reminded our children that they can become anything they put their minds to and that friendships are priceless treasures!

Christopher shared this warm hearted story with a group of 150 Apple Montessori campers during the reading in August.

As children, Albert, Lauren and Christopher Manzo all attended The Apple Montessori School in Wayne, where we fostered their foundation for success in school. In fact, Christopher was a preschool student of owner Lynn Piccolo.

During their visit, Christopher and his mother enjoyed the trip down memory lane as they walked the halls and shared their appreciation of the school. Caroline remembered Apple’s Sound Cards as soon as she entered the classroom. “There they are! That’s what it is all about; teaching children to read,” said Manzo.

In addition, Caroline immediately recognized our very own Ms. Martinka and Mrs. Sanabria. “What a testament to you and your family that you still have these same wonderful teachers here after all these years!” she added.

Though the visit was arranged to celebrate Christopher’s literary accomplishments, Caroline is no amateur to the world of inspirational writing. As an author of her 2013 book Let Me Tell You Something, Manzo shares with us her insights on how to build a happy and fulfilling life.

As Apple Montessori enters into our 45th year of educating children, we feel so privileged and proud to have had the opportunity to lay a strong foundation for so many children like Christopher and his siblings. With a strong foundation there are no limits!



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