Apple Montessori Staff Picks for Summer Day Trips With Children in NJ

Lucy the Elephant in Margate, NJ

Apple Montessori Kilduff IMG_6481Last summer, my favorite day trip was going to Margate, NJ with my sister, niece (4) & nephew (2) to see Lucy the Elephant and go blueberry picking!  Lucy the Elephant is 65 feet tall and 135 years old and quite a sight to see!  You can climb up to the top and see beautiful views up and down the coast!  It’s a nice piece of NJ history!


apple-montessori-blueberry-pickingWe also went to B & B Farms to go blueberry picking!  My niece and nephew loved seeing who could find the largest blueberry!  I think they ate more right from the plant than they picked to take home!  We made yummy blueberry cobbler the next day!  Of course, no trip to south Jersey is complete without a stop at one of the best ice cream parlor’s in NJ –Aunt B’s!  It was definitely a trip worth repeating in 2016.

~Ms. Kilduff, Apple Montessori Director, Edison and Metuchen



Ocean City, NJ

Capatasto phone 8-16-2014 623The one favorite day trip my family likes to take is to go to Ocean City, NJ!  It is a little farther away than we would like, but so worth the ride.  The beaches are clean, the boardwalk is clean and it is a dry town so it is very family friendly!

My husband has Celiacs disease and there are so many Gluten free food options for him to choose (which makes him Happy)!  Our favorite place to eat breakfast is “Uncle Bills.” It has the best pancakes!  We also found a newly renovated bath house that has bathrooms, showers, etc. for a reasonable price and very clean (I was a little skeptical at first).  The rides are a hit with my children and the crowd is friendly.  There are places to rent bicycles, boat rides for whale and dolphin watching, mini golf, arcades, and lots of shops.  My favorite snacks are Johnson’s popcorn and “Aunt Betties” Ice Cream.  We look forward to our days in Ocean City.  The Jersey Shore is my happy place.

~Ms. Capatasto, Apple Montessori Regional Director, Edison and Metuchen


My favorite family summer day trip

One of our favorite summer family day trip was our most recent one. On Father’s Day we decided to go Pole Position Racing in Jersey City. We then took a stroll through the Jersey City Liberty State Park. We culminated the day with a delightful lunch at a roof top restaurant. This trip was only one day, but we will have memories that will last a lifetime. We chose to give my husband this day as a father’s day gift. A day of fun, relaxation and time to bond with each other. A day to create happy memories with our kids and a break from stress and routine. No matter the age of our children, creating lasting memories and spending time together isolated from the everyday activities, helps promote positive ties.

Racing the go karts, we as a family were able to have a healthy, fun competition against each other, where we learned to accept and respect each other for who we are. Walking along the park we were able to relax, share some future goals and spend some quality time with our grown children. Sitting at the roof restaurant we were able to share some jokes, reminisce past memories and enjoy a delicious meal as we enjoyed some warm sunshine.

Taking some time together to share experiences and activities, creates memories that will be recalled and reminisced about later on and hopefully passed along to their own future families.

A day to remember forever.

~Ms. Mannion, Apple Montessori Teacher, Morris Plains

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